SOFTECH studies






In its 20 years of activity, the SOFTECH team has gained experience in environmental planning on an urban and regional scale, use of renewable resources, bioclimatic design, promotion and co-ordination of numerous demonstration and pilot projects.


SOFTECH’s activities are marked by its international character in participating in projects originating from international authorities. Its very close relationship with the Italian context is maintained by means of the involvement of the cities, the regions and local communities within programmes having a European inspiration.


Various energy&environmental plans were developed by SOFTECH during the last ten years: the Renewable Energy Strategy for the City of Torino; the Energy Planning for the Umbria Region. SOFTECH became, then, more involved in planning processes and gained a lot of experience on the actual agenda of Regions and Cities in Europe.

Among the activities of SOFTECH the following are the most relevant for the profile of the company:

  • European Co-ordination of RESET Project: Renewable Energies Strategy for European Towns - Barcelona, Glasgow, Grand Lyon, Turin and St. Petersburg - EC, DG Research, 1994-1997

  • Scientific and operational responsibility of the Project: TEST (Turin Energy&Environmental STrategy) promoted by the City of Turin and the Commission of European Communities - DGXVII, as part of the action on "Energy and Urban Environment".

  • Feasibility study of the "Turin Environmental Science Park", 1996-1997

  • Technical Co-ordination of the Art. 10 ERDF Regulation 95/C 319/06. Urban Pilot Project "The GATE: living, not leaving", for the City of Torino – Porta Palazzo Committee, 1997-2001

  • Winning proposal and co-ordination of the QUISISANA Project, an Urban Pilot Project for the City of Vigevano, under the "Neighbourhood Contracts" of the Italian Ministry of Infrastructures, 1998-2000

  • Winning Proposal of the HERA ORA Project, an URBAN II Project, winner of the Italian selection of the ERDF Urban II Programme, 2000-2001